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Custody & Maintenance

As family lawyers, with expertise in areas such as custody and child access rights, financial maintenance arrangements, child abduction in The Gambia and internationally, Solie Law can help you sort out any issues you have in relation to child contact and residence.

“Residence” refers to where a child will live when their parents separate or divorce.  “Contact”, as the name suggests, refers to specified contact that the parent without residence has with the child. 

Some families manage to be extremely flexible and do not require the input of the court.  On the other hand, matters often become so fraught that some families need the court to set out specific dates and times for contact.

Child Custody, Contact & Maintenance in Gambia

Given the importance of these issues, we suggest you seek our professional advice from our family lawyers who have expertise in child contact and access matters.  We can help you through the legal process and we work  to obtain the best result for everyone involved. 

Our Family Law Team are specialists in mediation and collaborative ways of resolving disputes, We work with Mothers, Fathers, Step Parents and Grandparents regarding child custody advice.

Granting or Setting Up Power of Attorney in Gambia

In dealing with the personal affairs of clients it is appropriate to mention Power of Attorney.  These are normally granted to enable relatives, friends or professional advisers to administer the affairs of children or young persons who are unable to manage their own affairs.

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Child Custody & Maintenance: Solie Law provide legal advice on child custody and guardianship issues resulting in a practical and reasonabble solution for a parent and his or her child
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Free Legal Advice In Gambia
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Legal Services For Families and Children in Gambia

From matrimonial or family affairs to matters of property, dispute resolution, inheritance tax and estate planning, our lawyers work with you to ensure that issues are dealt with as swiftly, amicably and as economically as possible.

Child Maintenance and Financial Provision

The rules setting out how much financial support you must pay or are entitled to receive vary greatly from country to country. Getting this right has huge financial implications for the parties concerned.

‘Access’ (Visitation) and ‘Custody’ (Residence) of Children

Will you be entitled to see your children? Is the local court likely to permit the children to live with you? Attitudes vary dramatically from country to country. The position of a foreigner can be especially complicated, particularly if they are in dispute with a local person.

Child Abduction (Child Snatch)

This most distressing of situations needs a rapid response from someone who understands the law and procedures in the country where you are living, the country from which the child was taken and the country where the other party resides.