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Free Legal Advice

If you have a legal problem in Gambia and would like a lawyer, solicitor or barrister to represent you, please telephone, email or write.

Our lawyers are happy to provide brief preliminary legal advice on any investment, business or personal legal problems you may have in The Gambia


Solie Law offer access to high quality but cost effective LAWYERS IN GAMBIA for professional clients, accountants, global charities, NGO's, overseas accountants, foreign banks, international financial institutions & public bodies

Our lawyers aim to provide a full range of effective legal solutions to the many problems which can confront you in a business and social context in The Gambia.  Above all, we are here to help you.

Our business lawyers specialise in providing legal advice to all businesses across the spectrum ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to large international corporations.

Legal Services to Professional Business Clients

A great deal of our business comes from other professionals – Lawyers, Accountants, Banks, Financial Advisers etc. 

This is because many recognise that they do not have the expertise to give legal advice in The Gambia.

Attempting to give advice in those cases is probably in breach of the professionals’ obligation only to take on cases in which he has sufficient expertise to give an adequate service.  It is also, these days, dangerous in that it can lead to compensation claims from dissatisfied Clients.

Professional Disputes & Legal Problems in The Gambia

If you have a business dispute or problem in Gambia & need legal advice or representation, please phone, email or write.

Lawyers in The Gambia

Corporate Attorneys, Lawyers, Barristers & Solicitors
Lawyers in Gambia: Solie Law are attornies, lawyers, barristers & solicitors offering LAWYERS IN GAMBIA to international institutions, organisations, business & companies in The Gambia,
Free Legal Advice In Gambia
Free Legal Advice In Gambia: Solie Law Chambers are happy to provide free brief preliminary legal advice about any business or commercial issues or problems you may have in The Gambia
Setting Up A Business
Setting Up A Business: Legal advice on starting a company, the management & administration of the company’s affairs, taxation, service contracts and the liabilities of the company and its directors
Business Problems & Commercial Disputes
Commercial Litigation: We aim to prevent litigation by working to resolve business problems and commercial disputes and avoid expensive and time consuming court cases in The Gambia
Commercial Property Law
Commercial Property Law: Legal advise on the rental, lease, sale & purchase of commercial properties, business premises, shops, offices, hotels, bars & restaurants in The Gambia
Debt Collection & Recovery
Debt Collection & Recovery: Solie Law offer business debt advice and can issue legal proceedings for the collection and recovery of bad business debts in the Civil Courts of The Gambia

Legal Services For Business Professionals in Gambia

A great deal of our business comes from other business professionals – Lawyers, Accountants, Banks, Financial Advisers etc.  This is because many recognise that they do not have the expertise to give legal advice in The Gambia.. Our Partnership Team combines expertise in partnership law with an understanding of the professions.  This equips us to provide specialist advice on a range of partnership issues affecting all kinds of professional partnerships.

Business Laws & Regulations in The Gambia

Professionals choose to use us because they know that we specialise in giving Gambian legal advice and we guarantee that we will not act for any Client introduced to us in any other case without their consent. In short, their clients will remain their clients.

Legal Services For Business in The Gambia include:

Raising finance, formation of companies, registration of businesses for tax, social security etc, acquisition of land, buildings and other assets, immigration, visa & work permit difficulties, employment issues, drafting standard terms and conditions of business, dealing with commercial problems, contract disputes, mediation, power of attorney, court cases, process serving, enforcement of judgments, debt collecting, taxation of the business and its shareholders.